100% Real Hair Extensions

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Chloe’s 100% Human Hair Explained

Chloe’s hair extensions are the highest quality and highest grade of real human hair. With Chloe’s Human Hair Extensions it is possible to achieve a perfectly natural look - this is why it is popular with people around the world. The quality is achieved by not stripping the hair cubicles as is often done with the lower grade hair extensions. By preserving the cuticles and keeping them aligned means the hair looks natural, sleek, shiny and soft - just like human hair. The hair also lasts longer and remains tangle-free throughout its lifetime. We use the finest Quality Human Hair. The material is carefully selected after it has been collected from the donor. During the process we make sure the cuticles are the same length. Our careful process means we truly offer the highest quality hair extensions you can use over and over again. Buy your perfect extensions here!

How do human hair extensions differ from synthetic extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions cannot take much sunlight or heat and they are also harder to style. Most visibly, they do not blend in naturally with your own hair. However, human hair extensions are like your own hair: you can wash them, style them and even dye them*. You can curl and straighten them easily to create different styles. It is for this reason one big difference is of course the price: synthetic hair extensions cost anything between $60-$85 and human hair extensions are most often in the price range of $100-$500. 

*Chloe’s denies all responsibility for the hair if the hair is colored or bleached as we cannot guarantee the outcome no matter which method or methods is used.

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